Why Spurs Are Now The Better Team in North London

As an Arsenal fan I hate to admit this but truth be told… Spurs are looking like real title contenders.

They look far much better than their North London counterparts given the excellent performances they’ve shown this season. I mean… I can’t think of any team that has been consistent throughout the season other than Spurs followed closely by Leicester City.

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For a long period of time, Arsenal fans have constantly mocked Spurs’ fans on the basis of their performances. Actually, Spurs have always finished below Arsenal for ‘God knows how long.’ Arsenal fans also have a website called, which shows the last and only time Tottenham won the league i.e. more than 54 years ago.

They’ve always reminded Spurs’ fans to ‘mind the gap’ when they finish above them. For many Gooners (as Arsenal fans are fondly known), Spurs always choke hence the nickname ‘Choking Cockerels.’

However, Spurs currently look a much better side than Arsenal. They have been consistent throughout the season to an extent that they leapfrogged Arsenal to third spot earlier this week. They have not only been playing well but know how to pick points when it matters most. While Tottenham are increasingly becoming a better side, Arsenal are slowly choking and North London may no longer be red very soon.

Tottenham have the average youngest team in the league with players like Eric Dier, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane. They have the best defense that has only conceded 19 goals and the best goal difference in the league. Actually, Spurs’ goal difference is +10 better than Arsenal’s. Moreover, Spurs’ have lost the second least number of games though drawing so many games has been their major undoing.

These statistics just prove that they are a far much better team than Arsenal. In addition, recent performances indicate that Tottenham is a real title contender. While this may be a bitter pill to swallow for Arsenal fans, let just admit it ‘Tottenham are currently the better team in North London and may even win the league!’


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