Time is up, Wenger!

Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal!!! Where do I even start?

Supporting Arsenal is equivalent to having a bad addiction. You always know how it will end (i.e. badly) but you somehow stay on. Arsenal are officially the kings of capitulation. The team had shown tremendous promise and potential to win the Barclays Premier League this season but has capitulated at the most important time. This is not the first time that Arsenal have blown away an opportunity to win the title but this is the most painful.

Looking at the struggles of major title rivals (or traditional ‘top four’ as they are fondly known), Arsenal had the best opportunity to win the league since the Invincibles Season. However, what have they done? The usual stuff.

In the past few games, Arsenal have not only been goal-shy but also shocking in every department. The decline from a potential title contender has happened so fast and so hard and left many wondering what is wrong with the club. The players have given lackluster performances, been pedestrian in their approach to the game, and tactically outwitted by opponents. I mean, a team that has won only once in their last seven games is not worthy being a champion.

But who is to blame? The players? Not really. While the players have a part in this, much of the blame is on the manager since this is not the first time the team has bottled up a chance of winning the title. Yes, Arsene has won 2 FA cups and 2 Community Shields (if you count that as a trophy) in the past 3 seasons, but that’s not good enough. Two FA cups in 12 years is not a sign of a top club or a top manager. Top managers know when and how to inspire a team to get points, especially when a title is within grasp. Even though Arsenal still has a mathematical chance of winning it, it remains just that… a mathematical chance.

Arsene Wenger is probably facing the most difficult period in his 20 year stint at the club despite the backing of the board. The growing disquiet and backlash among fans is a clear indicator that time is up for the club’s most successful manager. While he admitted that he will know when it’s time to leave, every sign indicates that he has overstayed his time as Arsenal’s manager.

Wenger has lost his touch and tact. He has since perfected the art of finding excuses for the constant success of failure. Managers are judged on merit alone and on this basis Wenger’s performances are inadequate and undeserving of managing one of England’s big clubs. Wenger deserves praise for what he has done for the club but he is slowly becoming an incompetent genius who is destroying the legacy he worked hard to build. The lack of tactics, poor rotation, lack of leadership, and 12 years of frustration is not the fault of the fans, players or anyone else in the club except Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal no longer needs a master in generating excuses and blaming others. Time is up, Arsene. Please do the honorable thing and let someone else have a chance to make Arsenal fans happy once again. Thank you for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye!


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