The Title Race is Going to the Wire

The 2015/16 Barclays Premier League has had so many twists and turns that has made it intriguing, exciting, and sometimes painful to watch. It’s, without a doubt, the most unpredictable seasons in recent years. The surprising thing about this season’s league is the emergence of “small teams” that are not only competing with the “big teams” but making it difficult to predict who will win the title.

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In the past few seasons, teams that have won the league seem to pick up the momentum around this time i.e. when there is less than 15 games left. This season’s title race seems to be different since none of the top four teams is yet to pick up the momentum and get on a run that would deliver the title. The momentum and winning run that is required to win the title seems to be elusive.

The other aspect that makes this season more intriguing is the fact that “rich teams” are no longer dominating the league as expected. I mean, look at the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City. They’ve all struggled to make a significant mark in the title race despite having the financial clout to dominate, especially in the transfer market.

Teams with relatively less budgets and financial capabilities like Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur are putting a significant hole on the assumption that money is the pre-requisite to winning the league. While these teams have spent on players, they haven’t spent to the extent of the so called “rich clubs” but have had far better performances than the latter.

In light of recent results, the winner of the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League will be known on the final day of the season. Each of the top four teams has a huge chance of winning the title because of the marginal point difference between them. You can no longer underestimate the likelihood of any of these teams.

However, who is better-placed to win the title among these four teams? In my opinion, none. There is no one with an advantage over the other. Even though they have different circumstances as we approach the final third of the season, you cannot single out a specific team that will win the league. It would even be suicidal to attempt doing so. Each of these teams has conditions that favor them as well as those that don’t favor them. So, none is better placed to win it at the moment.

It’s fair to conclude that this is going down to the wire. Small margins will play a major role in deciding the champions. The title will be decided by one- or two-point difference. It could even be decided on goal difference.

For now, let’s enjoy the games and keep our cards close to our chest!!!


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