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Conjestina has hands of steel

She fixes her sight on the opponent.  The guard always up.  She would be sizing up the opponent, waiting for a chance to unleash that killer punch.  Few have survived that onslaught and today, conjestina Achien’g is the world‘s WBF champion.  Her victory came on the eve of Christmas when she needed less than two minutes to stop Argentina’s Guillermina  Fernandez at the Nyayo National Stadium’s basketball gym.

She had unleashed a barrage of punches that twice sent her opponent on the canvas within the opening two minutes.  When the Argentine’s corner threw in the towel, Conjestina had realized her dream of finishing the fight fast.  I want it to end early so that my fans are not kept waiting, she said in a pre-fight interview.

Now she has her sight focused on even bigger fights and more prestigious titles.  Her next stop is the Moi International Sports Centre  Gymnasium where she has a date with American vyonne reiss for the World Boxing council’s title on April 1.  she would then try to secure a shot at the unification of the middleweight class against the world champion, letica robinson of America.

We need to put our belts at stake to see who is the best’ she says.  It is from here that she hopes to have done enough to attract a fight with laila Ali, daughter of former three-time world champion, mohammad Ali.  Ali had the reputation of floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.  Now Conjestina wants to prove to the world that she is beter than Ali’s daughter.  Conjestina hit the male dominated boxing scene in 2004 when she started winning titles.  The football-turned boxer has since then taken the Kenyan sports scene by storm, sweeping past her opponents like a hurricane en route to titles that have eleded her male counterparts.

By end of 2004 she had become  the African women middle weight-something that earned her the first runner-up title in the Sportswoman of the year awards.  The path to success has been a rocky one for the mothe of one who took to the ring in 2000 after graduating through the football ranks in nairobi’s makongeni estate.  The sacrifice, pain, determination and courage have seemingly paid as she savors the fame once reserved for her male peers.

She has managed  well under the watchful eye of her cousin, joseph okusimba and another relative, peter kusimba (a for,mer member of national boxing team0 who have ensured that she  receives good guidance.

She has a good sense of humour, always laughing off any suggestions that she could lose her next fight.

There is no challenge here, she would say.  And true to her predictions, none of her opponenets have impressed.  No wonder she is now known as hands of stone.

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